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It was Rakhine people’s strategy to establish a public company in order to improve the whole Rakhine State in line with the global development of economy, transportation, knowledge, science, health care and education. Due to these requirements, we invited those who were interested in the discussion of forming that company to come to Rakhine State Damaryone on 2 September 2012. That discussion was attended by the retired Government officials, the people from the economic organizations, well-educated persons, the businessmen and traders. Because of the support and encouragement of those attendees, we had formed that "Rakhine Development Corporation Limited"(RDCL) on that day.

Board of Directors of RDCL, including 15 members, submitted an application to the '' Ministry of Natural Planning and Economic Development" to issue a “Certificate of Incorporation” on 1 November 2012. Then, RDCL had been incorporated by that authorized Government department as a public company on 8 January 2013; and we received that "Certificate of Incorporation" on that day.

Then, RDCL has received "Certificate for Commencement of Business" issued by they "Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development".
RDCL's head office is located at No. 220, Kha Yay Myaing Street, Thuwanna, Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 

What are RDC Plans?

We started to run our company business after having got permission from the "Ministry of Natural Planning and Economic Development" for the incorporation of "Rakhine Development Corporation Limited" (RDCL) on 8 January 2013. RDC is a well-organized company including fifteen active working groups each of which has to perform its respective works assigned by the company's Board of Directors (BOD). These working groups are:

  1. Energy and Electricity
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. Agriculture
  4. Fishery and Livestock
  5. Transportation
  6. Trading
  7. Hotel and Tourism
  8. Training
  9. Construction
  10. Mining
  11. Information Technology (IT )and Media
  12. Banking
  13. Healthcare
  14. Industry
  15. General Services

RDCL intends to fulfill all the requirements of the people in Rakhine State. As an undeveloped region of our country, Rakhine State needs to get enough electrical power supply, proper ports or jetties, high standard of waterway transportation, better and enough roadways etc. In order to achieve all those necessities, RDCL has planned the following works to be carried out:

  1. Myanmar Government has already allowed for the utilization of 20 m-cubic-ft. /day of gas, tapping out from the Kyauk Pru-China gas pipeline, to set up a Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP) at Kyauk Pru. Thus, the preliminary works for the installation of a 100 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP) is now being started as a joint venture work between RDCL & the other combined group of company -- Supreme Company from Myanmar and Sinohydro Company from China. Estimated amount of money required to be invested for that project will be US$ 100 million. We will get US$ 70 million from China Development Bank as a loan with the interest of 6-7 %.The rest of money will be invested half by half by RDCL and Supreme-Sinohydro Group. Other power-generating plants at the suitable places of Rakhine State will also be installed one by one. Power transmission and distribution works will also be carried out wherever necessary until Rakhine State has got more than enough electricity.
  2. RDCL's "General Services Private Co.” will repair or upgrade some ports and jetties in Rakhine State. Furthermore, this branch will also install some new ports there working together with foreign investors as the joint-venture works.
  3. RDCL’s another strategy is that it should take part in the business of Rakhine State’s waterway transportation, including management authority and ownership of presently running-ships at Rakhine State’s shipping lanes and Sittwe-shipyard. To fulfill this requirement, RDCL's "Transportation Private Co." is now under discussion with authorized persons from Inland Water Transport Corporation (IWT). We intend to do this business as a joint venture between our two organizations. Maybe, RDC has to buy some new ships to be used at new shipping lanes of the waterway transportation in Rakhine State after a detailed field study.
  4. Our RDCLs "Construction branch” will participate as a team on road constructions in some parts of Rakhine State.
  5. In near future, RDCL's "Trading Private Co." will start its trading business by     opening two wholesale centers, one in Yangon and the other in Sittwe. Various merchandise such as construction materials, hardware, kitchenware, food-stuffs, and other household utility equipment will be distributed from these wholesale centers to the merchants in Myanmar. Depend on the market demand in Rakhine State; RDCL will gradually increase importing goods in order that these wholesale centers may later become huge supermarkets that can distribute different kinds of goods at very low prices to the merchants from both Yangon and Rakhine State.
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