Rakhine Development Corporation Limited

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a. Business Name : Rakhine Development Corporation Ltd.
b. Business Type : Private Company
c. Company Registration Number : No. 4211 of 2012 to 2013
d. Telephone Number : (95) 9 4200 90 856
e. Fax : (95) 1 578237
f. E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
g. Web Mail    :  
h. Facebook    : Royal Rakhine
i. Banking Details
  • Bank   
 :  CB bank
  • Branch
 :  Head Office
  • A/C No.   
 :  0132050960


Our company's intentions for Rakhine people while doing our company’s business are:

  • RDCL will create Job opportunities for the Rakhine people;
  • RDCL will arrange the appropriate trainings for them to upgrade their educational qualification; and
  • RDCL will provide their welfare services.


  • RDCL will support the economy of the regional people and create more business opportunities for them
  • RDCL will take part in many business sectors. These are construction work, waterway transpiration, fisheries and live-stock breeding, power plant installation, trading, hotel & tourism, and general services.
  • RDCL will make profitable for its all shareholders.
  • RDCL should be well-known as an ideal private company in Myanmar.


Our business activities will be carried out by the help of the Government organizations, the regional people and business leaders in Myanmar. In case of the installation of a big project, we will need both technical skill and a huge amount of financial investment. In such case, RDCL will need to get a foreign business partner just like a global venture capital company to install this project.

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