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In sittwe, RDCL will open a “Wholesale Center” or “Wholesale Supermarket” that will import from abroad and distribute whatever merchandise Rakhine merchants demand for their business. At the same time, This “Wholesale Center” will export all the products of Rakhine State to its neighbors -- India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

When Kyauk PruSpecial Economic Zone (SEZ) becomes very much developed and improved, its seaport will be crowded with a lot of incoming and outgoing ships. At that time, RDCL will install a shipyard of international standard there. That shipyard will carry out ship-repair work, ship- dismantling work, new ship-building works and all other ship-related works.

At Kyauk Pru SEZ, RDCL will build a cold storage from which exporting the frozen fishes to foreign countries will be done.

Some new industries such as Textile Industry, the Clothing Industry, Food-stuff Industry, and Canned fish Industry will be built at Kyauk Pru Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Ponnagyun  Industrial Zone (IZ) and Economic Development Zone (EDZ). The finished products from those industries will be distributed to domestic and exported abroad.

All these objectives mentioned above will make improved and developed our Rakhine State, creating a lot of job opportunities for our Rakhine people. On the other hand, our company will succeed in its business.

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