Rakhine Development Corporation Limited

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Our Company's management structure is as indicated in the Organization Chart:

The investment amount of RDCL is limited to kyat 100,000 million. This money will be collected from 10,000,000 company's Shares in which the value of a share is kyat 10,000. This total amount is equivalent to kyat 100 Billion. When RDCL was commenced, Board of Directors (BOD) has decided and limited that a person or an organization shouldn't be allowed to buy more than 10,000 shares in which one share has the value kyat 10,000.

RDCL is being built on the capabilities of advisors and Board of Directors who are our reliable and dedicated leaders. Besides, they would provide the ethical innovator and decisive leadership to guide our company, RDCL. To reach our goals or setting long-term strategies, their leadership at RDCL will operate with integrity to get our customers' trust, our employees' respect and our shareholders' confidence. Particulars of those senior advisors, advisors, and members of “Board of Directors” are as described here:

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